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Brakes Near Me in Durham, NC

Book the brake shop that comes to you.

  • Our Technicians Come to You

  • 4 Months Interest-Free Financing

  • 45 - 90 Minute Repairs*


Durham's Mobile Brake Shop

Brake repair in your driveway in 90 minutes or less!

Fast & Convenient

Your time is valuable to us! Our average brake repair takes only 45-90 minutes. Schedule service at your home, work, or anywhere you choose!

Save 10% On Average

Car shops pass along high overhead costs and up-charge for services you don't need. Save up to 40% on repairs compared to local brake shops.

Top Brake Specialists

Our technicians have a collective 100+ years of industry experience and are highly skilled in brake repair and other car maintenance services.

Brake Check & Service in Durham, NC

Hear why our customers are ditching the brake shops and having Brakes To You come to them!


David N.

"This is an awesome service."


Sarah Beth

"They arrived on time, were very friendly and understanding of my busy schedule."


Patrick Mead

"Super friendly, efficient and professional."

Brake Repair in Durham, NC

We service everything in your brake system. Your brake technician will check your brake to find out the issue and only replace what is necessary.


2 yr / 24k mile warranty


We're the easiest brake service


Book an appointment with our shop for your brake repair needs and see first-hand why so many people have trusted us with their business! Our experienced mechanics will quickly identify the problem and work diligently to get your brakes back in working order. We pride ourselves on providing top-notch customer service, and our goal is to always leave you smiling. We know that life can be hectic, so we go the extra mile to make things as convenient as possible for our customers. Come see us today and find out why we're Durham's #1 choice for brake repair!

We Offer Brake Servicing on Most Vehicles

If you're interested in having your Porsche, BMW or Mercedes-Benz serviced, our mechanics will change the brake pads on any make of car. We also offer rotors for all types. If it's time for a brake repair and you don't know where to turn, come see us today. We're dedicated to providing the best service possible, and we're always happy to answer any questions you may have.

Brake Repair Near me in Durham, NC!

We change brake pads and rotors on your vehicle and many more.

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Acura Brake Repair

acura (3).png

Chevy Brake Repair

acura (3).png

Hyundai Brake Repair

acura (3).png

Lexus Brake Repair

acura (3).png

Porsche Brake Repair

acura (3).png

Audi Brake Repair

acura (3).png

Chrysler Brake Repair

acura (3).png

Infiniti Brake Repair

acura (3).png

Lincoln Brake Repair

acura (3).png

Toyota Brake Repair

acura (3).png

BMW Brake Repair

acura (3).png

Ford Brake Repair

acura (3).png

Jaguar Brake Repair

acura (3).png

Mercedes Benz Brake Repair

acura (3).png

Volkswagen Brake Repair

acura (3).png

Cadillac Brake Repair

acura (3).png

Honda Brake Repair

acura (3).png

Jeep Brake Repair

acura (3).png

Nissan Brake Repair

acura (3).png

Volvo Brake Repair

The best brake repair near me in Durham, NC.

Have the brake shop come to you in and around Durham, NC.

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