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Brake Services in Charlotte, NC 

Book brake repair in your driveway.

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  • 45 - 90 Minute Repairs*


Mobile Brake Service in Charlotte, NC 

Brake repair in your driveway in 90 minutes or less! 

Fast & Convenient

Your time is valuable to us! Our average brake repair takes only 45-90 minutes. Schedule service at your home, work, or anywhere you choose!

Save 10% On Average

Car shops pass along high overhead costs and up-charge for services you don't need. Save up to 40% on repairs compared to local brake shops.

Top Brake Specialists

Our technicians have a collective 100+ years of industry experience and are highly skilled in brake repair and other car maintenance services.

Brake Check & Service in Charlotte, NC

Why use Brakes To You? See why our customers think were better than going to a shop.


David N.

"This is an awesome service."


Sarah Beth

"They arrived on time, were very friendly and understanding of my busy schedule."


Patrick Mead

"Super friendly, efficient and professional."

Brake Pad & Rotor Replacement

From squeaking brakes to grinds and shakes, we'll diagnose your issue and get you back on the road with a working brake system.


1 yr / 12k mile warranty


Book a Brake Specialist in Charlotte


We're not satisfied until you are! Our team of technicians will take care to make sure the job is done right and leaves your car in tip-top shape. Call Charlotte's top shop today for all sorts services auto repair needs.

We Offer Brake Servicing on Most Vehicles

Interested in having your Porsche, BMW or Mercedes-Benz serviced? Our mechanics will change the brake pads on any make of car! We also offer rotors for all types. If it's time for an brake repair and you don't know where to turn then come see us today.

Brake Repair Near me in Raleigh, NC!

We change brake pads and rotors on your vehicle and many more.

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Acura Brake Repair

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Chevy Brake Repair

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Hyundai Brake Repair

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Lexus Brake Repair

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Porsche Brake Repair

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Audi Brake Repair

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Chrysler Brake Repair

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Infiniti Brake Repair

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Lincoln Brake Repair

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Toyota Brake Repair

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BMW Brake Repair

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Ford Brake Repair

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Jaguar Brake Repair

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Mercedes Benz Brake Repair

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Volkswagen Brake Repair

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Cadillac Brake Repair

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Honda Brake Repair

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Jeep Brake Repair

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Nissan Brake Repair

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Volvo Brake Repair

The best brake repair near me in Raleigh, NC.

Have the brake shop come to you in and around Raleigh.

Have your brakes repair in Charlotte, Mint Hill, Newell, Matthews, Pineville, NoDa, Barclay Downs, Belmont, Harrisburg, Huntersville and everywhere in between!

The Charlotte, NC area is home to over 2 million people, making it one of the fastest growing cities in America. This thriving metropolis offers its residents some unique attractions access between major such as NASCAR races and professional sports teams. Not only does this place offer exciting adventures on land but also underwater with fishing trips near local lakes or rivers that provide enough bass just waiting for someone's lure - so get out there while you still have breath left after having an amazing time exploring all these great places.

Charlotte is the largest city in the U.S. state of North Carolina. It is the county seat of Mecklenburg County and is located in the Piedmont region of the state. The city's population was 874,579 as of the 2020 census, making Charlotte the 16th-most populous city in the United States. Charlotte is also the cultural, economic, and transportation center of the Charlotte metropolitan area, which had a 2020 population of 2,660,329. The Charlotte metropolitan area is part of a sixteen-county market region or combined statistical area with a 2020 census-estimated population of 2,846,550. Between 2004 and 2014, Charlotte was ranked as the country's fastest-growing city. The city's population has continued to grow in recent years, and it is projected to reach one million residents by 2030. Charlotte is a dynamic and vibrant city that offers residents a high quality of life. The city is home to a number of Fortune 500 companies, including Bank of America and Duke Energy. Charlotte is also home to numerous cultural attractions, including the NASCAR Hall of Fame and the Levine Museum of the New South. With its strong economy and rich cultural life, Charlotte is an attractive destination for new residents and businesses alike.

9805 Statesville Road Suite 6431
Charlotte NC 28269

Charlotte Bad Brake Signs

Pump the brakes, you're now entering Charlotte traffic. You can be pumping the brakes half the time on or sitting on them through Downtown Charlotte. There's nothing quite like the sound of screeching brakes to ruin a peaceful drive. Unfortunately, brake noise is often an indicator of a more serious problem. If your brakes are making a grinding or squeaking sound, it's important to have them checked by a qualified mechanic as soon as possible. Brake pads typically contain metal shavings that act as a warning indicator when they start to wear down. If the pads are not replaced in a timely manner, the metal shavings can damage the rotors, resulting in costly repairs. In addition, worn-out brake pads can cause uneven braking, making it difficult to stop your vehicle in an emergency situation. For these reasons, it's important to check your brakes on a regular basis and to have them serviced whenever necessary. By taking care of your brakes, you can help ensure your safety on the road.

Squealing brakes

- signs of bad brake pads

The good news is your brakes are supposed to make noise! Brake pads typically wear down around 50,000 miles. If you neglect the signs and don't get them fixed soon enough it can cause even more damage than before - so take care of those problems right away. Never let your brakes cause your worry.

Pulsing or Vibrating Brakes

- signs of warped rotors

Rotors are often responsible for getting hot and then cooling off again. This can take a toll on them, especially if you have uneven wear from your pads or an old car that doesn't keep up with maintenance like brake fluid flushes.

Scratching, Gringing Brakes

- signs of bad brake pad and rotors

If you neglect or are unaware of the early signs your brakes may need to be replaced. Grinding is a big indicator that metal on metal with worn pads, scoring (grooves) too deep into the rotor and even an increase in weight can mean there's more damage done than just bad weather for cars who are exposed to the elements.

Soft Pedal

- signs air is getting into your brake system

Your car's brakes are a closed, contained unit. Even pressure from your master cylinder (what holds the fluid) goes all the way down to where you calipers which push against pads on rotors; if there is any leaks in this system then something has gone wrong! We'll get it fixed for you real quick. Give us call before and we'll diagnose your issue.

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