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Brakes To You Mobile Brake Technician

Bring Mobile Brake Repair in Plano, TX To Your Driveway.

Why wait? Have a brake technician come to your home or office.


Schedule brake repair in Plano, TX.

Hours: Monday - Sunday | 8 am - 7 pm

2300 McDermott Rd, Ste. 200-153, Plano, TX 75025

Phone: 972-945-8092

More Affordable

Did you know we're normally 10%+ more affordable than your local shop? You'll receive the same quality parts for less installed right at your home or office.

Less Waiting

With Brakes To You, you don't need to go anywhere to get your brakes done. We come to you on your time. Plan your next brake repair around your schedule.

Premium Parts

We only use OE quality parts on your vehicle. There's no reason to sacrifice quality when replacing your brakes. We offer ceramic and semi-metallic pads.

The Plano Mobile Brake Shop

Brake repair in your driveway in 90 minutes or less!

5-Star Rated Plano Brake Service

Hear why our customers are ditching local brake shops and having Brakes To You come to them!

Zoe R..png

They came to my office which was so helpful to me! Billy was awesome — super helpful, friendly and honest! I will use them again and recommend them to my friends and family.

Brent W..png

These guys are amazing. They do exactly what they say for a fair price. Hassle free. They kept me informed the entire process.

Mariah K..png

My technician was so nice and I don't have a clue what I am doing when it comes to cars. Instead of him trying to get me to buy something I didn't need he was very helpful and honest.

Choose the best brake service in Plano, TX.

Whether you need brake pads or rotors replaced, we only use quality parts backed by our Best Brakes Warranty. All of our parts are sourced by well known supplier like Advance Auto Parts, O'Reilly's or the dealer depending on your vehicle.

We only use OE quality or better pads to ensure quality brake repair.


2 yr / 24k mile warranty


5-Star Rated Plano Brake Specialists


Have a brake light popping up? Maybe your brake system isn't performing how it normally does. Feel confident knowing your brake specialist focuses on braking issues on an abundance of different vehicles week after week.

We service all major of braking systems on consumer vehicle which mainly include disc brakes or drum brakes. We'll perform a brake inspection on each vehicle to determine the exact issue and have your riding off in to the sunset safely.

We Fix Brakes On Nearly Everything!

Have your brakes repaired at home on your Porsche, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Maserati, Ford, Nissan, & more.

Brake repair near me in Plano, TX!

We change brake pads and rotors on your vehicle and many more.

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Acura Brake Repair

acura (3).png

Chevy Brake Repair

acura (3).png

Hyundai Brake Repair

acura (3).png

Lexus Brake Repair

acura (3).png

Porsche Brake Repair

acura (3).png

Audi Brake Repair

acura (3).png

Chrysler Brake Repair

acura (3).png

Infiniti Brake Repair

acura (3).png

Lincoln Brake Repair

acura (3).png

Toyota Brake Repair

acura (3).png

BMW Brake Repair

acura (3).png

Ford Brake Repair

acura (3).png

Jaguar Brake Repair

acura (3).png

Mercedes Benz Brake Repair

acura (3).png

Volkswagen Brake Repair

acura (3).png

Cadillac Brake Repair

acura (3).png

Honda Brake Repair

acura (3).png

Jeep Brake Repair

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Nissan Brake Repair

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Volvo Brake Repair


Ready to get your brake costs?

Fill out a brake quote request or call/text us.


Schedule a mobile brake service at your home or office. 

Ditch the waiting room. Hang out at your house while we fix your brakes in your driveway.

Do you really want your car take hostage by a brick and mortar shop? Why wait in a shop all day long when you can have a scheduled time for the brake shop to come to you? Really, we're that convenient. We come to you around your schedule, not the other way around. Once a brake shop gets your keys, you're on there time. 

We come prepared with all the parts necessary to fix any brake related problem. When you go to a shop, your first wait to get your car in a bay then it will be diagnosed. Most shops will need to find the parts, send a runner over to get them, then come back to do your repair. All while you flip through a couple of dated magazines for a few hours.


We service all the suburbs around Plano.

Plano neighborhoods we service include but aren't limited to:

Southlake, Keller, Lewisville, Addison, Hebron, Carrollton, Lucas, Argyle, Frisco, Murphy, Sachse and many more.

Plano Bad Brake Signs

Driving through Plano can be a challenge. Just driving around can be a challenge with the traffic. Either way, having squeaky or grinding brakes isn't just scary, it's flat out reckless. If you drive around unsafe, you're putting yourself and others at risk.

Squeaking brakes

- signs of bad brake pads

If you're hearing loud pitched noises, chance are your brake pads are wearing low and are now hitting the brake wear sensor. The good news your brakes are meant to do this! Brake pads typically wear down around 50,000 miles. If you neglect the signs, you run the risk of causing worse wear to your brake system.

Vibrating or Pulsing Brakes

- signs of warped rotors

Rotors take a lot of abuse. They are constantly under intense amounts of heat (up to 400 degrees) and cooling. After awhile, that takes a toll on your rotors. If the brake pads are worn evenly you may not need to replace them. If they are worn unevenly, unfortunately you'd need to replace those as well to ensure proper braking.

Grinding or Rubbing Brakes

- signs of bad brake pad and rotors

If you neglect or are unaware the early signs of brake wear, you can cause more damage to your brake system. Grinding is a big indicator your brake pads are worn away and are now metal on metal with your brake rotors. If your rotors are scored (grooves) too deep you may need to replace your rotors and pads.

Brake pedal to the floor

- signs air is getting into your brake system

The brake system is a closed, contained unit. Pressure is kept from your master cylinder (what holds your brake fluid) all the way to you calipers which push the brake pads into your rotors. If air gets into your brake system, something has gone wrong. Your master cylinder may be cracked or a caliper may be compromised. Either way, we'll get you fixed up!

Want to talk about your brake issues? Talk to an agent now.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

What type of brake pads does Brakes To You use?

For 95% of our vehicles, we use ceramic brake pads. Some luxury performance vehicles come with semi-metallic brakes as stock but you can upgrade those to ceramic if you desire.

What area's of Plano do you serve?

We service every little city and suburb around Plano.

What should I expect during my Plano brake appointment?

We make it as easy and convenient for you to schedule an appointment! 24 hours before your service we'll send a confirmation text so that your appointment is booked and ready to go. When your technicians arrives he will perform a full-service inspection with parts replacement needs determined by their findings; once everything has been decided between ourselves (and given consent), we’ll get started right away - saving both money in not having unnecessary repairs done or buying new products if possible but also preventing any problems from arising until after buyer.

What fees do you charge to come to me in Plano? 

We'll bring brake repair to a whole new level! No more worries about getting charged an arm and leg just because you need some work done on it. As long as you're within our Dallas - Fort Worth service area, there's no 'trip fee' for us come out. If anything does need attention or replacement then those parts will be provided and installed at that time (though please note that this offer applies only when purchasing new brakes). 

How are you so much cheaper than local Plano brake shops?

We know that most repair shops pay way too much for their equipment and rent. We're not here to judge, after all this is necessary with engine or heavy duty repairs! But when you only of the equipment shops have, we'd prefer giving up our expensive overhead so we can pass these savings onto YOU - sometimes upwards of 40%.

How long will it take to replace my brakes?

We're fast and affordable. We'll typically be in and out of your driveway in 45 - 90 minutes which includes our full brake inspection we perform prior to working on your brake system. If you brought your car to a shop, you'd be spending on average 4 hours waiting around. Who wants to do that?

1,000+ 5-Star Reviews? Why do Plano customers love you so much?

You can always count on us to give you the best service and advice, so don't worry about whether or not your car needs any work. We're more than happy for our technicians to explain everything in detail with a little humor thrown into their explanations every now again!

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