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Infiniti Brake Repair

We're 40% more affordable than dealerships or local brake shops and 100x more convenient!



1,000+ Five-Star reviews

Brakes To You is rated 5/5 by 200+ Brake Repair Customers

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Have a brake specialist quote you in under 5 minutes


Mobile Infiniti Brake Repair

We've made brake repair more convenient and affordable.

Pay Less

Dealerships and local brake shops surprise you with a big bill. We give you fixed-rate pricing before you schedule.

Schedule On Your Time

You shouldn't have to wait at a brake shop for hours. We come to you - wherever that may be!

OE or OEM Parts

Our parts are the same quality or better as the original parts your car used. At Brakes To You you get more for less.

How much does it cost to replace Infiniti brakes?

High-performance vehicles requires premium brake pads and rotors to absorb the high temperatures created when slowing down your vehicle. The typical Audi brake repair for pads and rotors costs between $729 - $919 at your local brake repair shop. Lucky for you, we're 40% more affordable on average compared to them while using OE or OEM quality pads!

See how much your brake repair would cost with Brakes To You.

How can you tell if your Infiniti brakes are bad?

Squeaky Brakes

If your brakes are squeaking, chances are your brake pads are on their last life. The squeak is normally caused by the pads being worn so low that the metal wear indicator is now hitting the rotors.

Grinding Brakes

Brakes that are grinding bad are now in the 'FIX ME ASAP' stage. You've probably worn all the way through your brake pads and now are metal on metal against the rotor. This is a big no-no for safety.

Brake Pedal Goes To The Floor

This is obviously a scary situation that needs fixing. There are multiple things that may be going on with your brakes that would cause this but they all point to air being in the brake system. 

The Infiniti 5-star guarantee

Your brake repair is backed by our 12 mo / 12k mile warranty

Ready for your Infiniti brake repair?

Get started by getting a free quote or speaking to a brake specialist.

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