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Brake Repair Near Denver, CO

Bring the brake shop to your driveway.

  • Our Technicians Come to You

  • 3 Months Interest-Free Financing

  • 60 Minute Repairs on Average


Denver's Mobile Brake Service

Brake repair in your driveway in 60 minutes on average!

Fast & Convenient

Your time is valuable to us! Our average brake repair takes only 45-90 minutes. Schedule service at your home, work, or anywhere you choose!

Save 10% On Average

Car shops pass along high overhead costs and up-charge for services you don't need. Save up to 40% on repairs compared to local brake shops.

Top Brake Specialists

Our technicians have a collective 100+ years of industry experience and are highly skilled in brake repair and other car maintenance services.

Brake Check & Service in Denver, CO

Hear why our customers are ditching the brake shops and having Brakes To You come to them!


David N.

"This is an awesome service."


Sarah Beth

"They arrived on time, were very friendly and understanding of my busy schedule."


Patrick Mead

"Super friendly, efficient and professional."

Brake Pad & Rotor Replacement

We service everything in your brake system. Your brake technician will check your brake to find out the issue and only replace what is necessary.


12 mo / 12k mile warranty


Book a Denver Brake Specialist


Raleigh's top technicians are here for you. Book an brake repair with our shop to see why so many people love us and leave with a smile on your face because we're just that good!

We Offer Brake Servicing on Most Vehicles

Interested in having your Porsche, BMW or Mercedes-Benz serviced? Our mechanics will change the brake pads on any make of car! We also offer rotors for all types. If it's time for an brake repair and you don't know where to turn then come see us today.

Brake Repair Near me in Denver, CO!

We change brake pads and rotors on your vehicle and many more.

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Acura Brake Repair

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Chevy Brake Repair

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Hyundai Brake Repair

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Lexus Brake Repair

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Porsche Brake Repair

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Audi Brake Repair

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Chrysler Brake Repair

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Infiniti Brake Repair

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Lincoln Brake Repair

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Toyota Brake Repair

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BMW Brake Repair

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Ford Brake Repair

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Jaguar Brake Repair

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Mercedes Benz Brake Repair

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Volkswagen Brake Repair

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Cadillac Brake Repair

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Honda Brake Repair

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Jeep Brake Repair

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Nissan Brake Repair

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Volvo Brake Repair

The best brake repair near me in Denver, CO.

Have the brake shop come to you in and around Denver.

Have your brakes repair in Denver, Aurora, Lakewood, Arvada, Westminster, Littleton, Englewood, Centennial, Thornton, Broomfield, Greenwood Village, Golden, Parker, Commerce City, Highlands Ranch, and Wheat Ridge and everywhere in between!

There is never a quiet time in Denver, Colorado. If you're in need of some great recommendations, check out VISIT DENVER. They'll point you in the right direction all over town and beyond into the rest of North Carolina.

Denver, Colorado, affectionately known as the Mile High City due to its elevation of one mile above sea level, offers a rich tapestry of activities that cater to a diverse range of interests. Nature lovers revel in the city's close proximity to the Rocky Mountains, which provide a perfect backdrop for hiking, skiing, and mountain biking. Cultural enthusiasts enjoy Denver's vibrant arts scene, including the Denver Art Museum, the Denver Performing Arts Complex, and a thriving music scene with venues like Red Rocks Amphitheater. The city also boasts a strong sports culture, home to teams like the Broncos, Nuggets, Rockies, and Avalanche. Additionally, Denver is famous for its craft breweries and a growing culinary scene, with an array of restaurants and food markets like the Denver Central Market offering tastes that satisfy every palate.

Denver Bad Brake Signs

Driving in Denver can often be challenging. Whether you're navigating through Downtown Denver or constantly tapping the brakes, the last thing you want is the unsettling sound of screeching brakes disrupting your journey. Such noises can signal underlying issues that require immediate attention. Brake pads, which typically include metal shavings, serve as an early warning sign as they begin to wear down. Neglecting to replace worn pads promptly can lead to rotor damage, which is not only expensive to repair but also compromises vehicle safety. Worn-out brake pads may also result in uneven braking, potentially hindering your ability to stop quickly in emergencies. Regular brake inspections and timely maintenance are crucial for ensuring both your safety and the longevity of your vehicle’s braking system.

Squealing brakes

- signs of bad brake pads

The upside is that it’s normal for your brakes to make some noise! Brake pads generally need replacement after about 50,000 miles. Ignoring these warning signs and delaying repairs can lead to more significant damage, so address these issues promptly. Don’t let brake problems become a source of stress.

Scratching, Gringing Brakes

- signs of bad brake pad and rotors

Neglecting or overlooking early signs that your brakes need replacement can lead to severe issues. Grinding noises, a major red flag, indicate metal-on-metal contact due to worn pads. This friction can score deep grooves into the rotor, exacerbating the damage. Moreover, an increase in braking effort might suggest more extensive damage than just the usual wear from exposure to the elements. It's crucial to address these signs promptly to avoid further complications.

Pulsing or Vibrating Brakes

- signs of warped rotors

Rotors frequently heat up and then cool down, a process that can significantly strain them, particularly if there's uneven wear from the brake pads or if the car is older and hasn't been maintained properly, including regular brake fluid flushes. This thermal cycling can lead to premature wear and potential brake failure if not addressed with consistent maintenance.

Soft Pedal

- signs air is getting into your brake system

Your car's braking system is a sealed unit where even pressure from the master cylinder, which holds the brake fluid, is transmitted down to the calipers. These calipers then exert pressure on the pads against the rotors. If there are any leaks in this system, it indicates a problem! We can fix it quickly for you. Give us a call, and we'll diagnose the issue promptly.

Want to talk about your brake issues? Talk to a service specialist now.

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