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Brake Pad Replacement in Dallas, TX 

Brakes To You Mobile Brake Repair

Brakes To You makes changing your brake pads easy. We send a technician wherever you are at a fraction-of-the-cost of a dealership or big box shop. Get a free online brake repair quote or call us to speak with a brake specialist today!


Over 1,000 5-Star Reviews

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Top Rated Brake Pad Replacement in Dallas, TX

Brakes To You is the most convenient and affordable way to change your brake pads in Dallas, TX. We bring the brake shop to you - wherever you are! We offer our Brake Pad Replacement services all over the DFW, but we also extend them outwards towards Denton, Allen, Plano, Garland, Forney, and any other nearby city! If your brake pads are in need of a brake pad replacement, get our 5-Star rated brake service to come to you home, office, or wherever you're located.

At Brakes To You in Dallas, TX, we provide the best brake pad replacement services. We offer affordable rates on any of our brake repairs along with an absolutely stellar customer service experience. It's helped us gain over 1,000 5-Star reviews and complete over 10,000 brake repairs. From getting a quote easily, to booking our amazing technicians, you'll see why we're shaking up a stale brake repair industry with our one-of-a kind service.


How much does it cost to just replace brake pads in Dallas?

Brake pads are very important parts to maintaining your vehicle's safety and stopping power. The average cost of a brake pad replacement is around $150 per axle, but these costs can rise over $300 dollars depending on what kind you choose along with each individual car model. Organic materials are cheaper than ceramic ones but ceramic offer better way better performance in terms or quietness plus a ton of less dust.

Brake pads are an important part of your car's braking system. They make sure you can slow down when needed, but they also have a lifespan and should be replaced regularly depending on how often you drive and how you drive! The quality of pad should be taken into consideration depending on each individual driver’s needs!

Wear-and-tear from heavy footed driving will wear out even high quality brand name replacements eventually. If your just driving a commuter vehicle and are trying to make the next Fast and Furious movie, you're fine going with a ceramic pad pad. Generic ceramic brake pads will be fine to use for most vehicles.

The bigger the vehicle, the more surface are you need to stop. Large truck for example will need bigger pads and rotors to stop efficiently. Expect to be changing brake pads fairly regularly if your hauling large loads everyday!

Best Dallas Brake Pad Replacement Services

If you want to keep your brakes safe, invest in a Dallas Brake Pad Replacement service. We'll quickly get your brake issues identified by one of our brake specialist, book your appointment, and send a technician right to your to get you back on the road safe and sound.

After your brakes are repaired, you should expect better overall braking capabilities. There will be less brake dust on your rims and wheels, a quieter stop when applying your brakes, and a better adhesion between your brake pads and rotors. Keeping your brake system up-to-date can save you big in the long run as well. If you let your brake pads get too low, you'll risk further damaging your entire braking system which can lead to much more costly repairs.


Book a Brake Pad Replacement in Dallas, TX

Honest, trustworthy brake repair

Brakes To You is changing the way people experience brake repair services in Dallas. We bring some of the most affordable rates in town with an unmatched convenience and experience than any brick and mortar brake shop. We're extremely customer centric and have a track record to prove it! Just see why we've been given over 1,000 5-Star reviews!

We guarantee that when it comes time to choose a brake pad replacement in Dallas, TX you'll love Brakes To You's convenience and price. See what all the hype is about and get a free quote today. If you'd like to chat with a brake specialist to talk about your brake issues, great! We're here when you need us.


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