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5 Signs It’s Time To Replace Brake Rotors

Brakes are meant to wear out. There, I said it! Your brake rotors are meant to need to be replaced! Although no one likes to take a trip to the brake shop, we’re there to make sure you’re safe on the road.

Brake Rotors are meant to endure about 70,000 miles. This is a pretty loose number though. There are dozens of contributing factors based on the way you drive and what elements your vehicle endures. But, for a rule of thumb, lets go with 70k as the mark to hit!

If you’re searching for this topic, you’re likely experiencing something making you think, “I don’t think my brakes should do that.” You’re probably right. Brakes are a maintenance item that needs replacing and show signs when they’re needing attention.

5 Most Common Signs Of Bad Rotors

The 5 most common signs your brake rotors need to be replaced are grinding, pulsing, pulling, scoring and rusting.


If you’re pressing on the brake and hear a loud “CHRRRKKKK!” sound is coming from your brakes, it’s time to get them replaced. This is a tell tale sign your brake pads are worn away and are now metal on metal with your rotors.

Even if you just replace your brake pads at this level, you’ll be in the same predicament you are now in a short amount of time. The pads will get chewed up by the old rotor and you’ll be going right back to the brake shop.


Nothing wakes you up on the road more than feeling like your running going over a ton on tiny speed bumps! If this is happening when you’re braking, odds are your rotors are warped.

When a rotor is warped, it doesn’t allow the brake pad to adhere onto the rotor causing it to grab infrequently which is why you feel the pulses coming from your brakes. You may be able to turn rotors in this point if you haven’t already, but are better off replacing them. Turning rotors lowers their heat dissipation scores causing them to heat up quicker which wears your brake pads down faster.


Switching lanes involuntarily never makes friends on the road. Applying the brake shouldn’t pull your vehicle to the side. This is also due to your rotors being warped.

The remedy would be the same as if your rotors were pulsing. We always recommend replacing the rotors if you’re experiencing these symptoms. We have a safety first mentality even if it cost a little more than turning your rotors.


If you run your finger across your rotors and feel deep groves, your brake pads are worn down past the wear indicator and are now digging into your rotors. This may be coupled with hearing a grinding noise as well.

Your rotors and pads should be flat as a stack of pancakes on one another! They want to be flush on one another to ensure proper braking.


An unsightly and, a lot of the times, dangerous rotor condition is excess rust. Rotors have a high iron content which rusts when it is exposed to prolonged moisture. Some rust (little spots) isn’t bad and will actually wear off as you drive, but excess rust is a big deal and should be remedied.

Brakes To You always used painted rotors which has anti-rust components to the surfaces the brake pad would come in contact with the rotor.

Need an expert opinion?

Brakes To You will send a certified technician to your home or office to inspect your brakes. We're more affordable than a shop and are better looking too! Just check out our purple van when your fill out your free brake repair quote!

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