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Mobile Brake Repair - 6 Things You Should Know

1. What is Mobile Brake Repair?

Mobile brake repair is the latest automotive innovation in the ‘to you’ services. Like Uber and Lyft, Brakes To You has disrupted legacy brake repair shop and made brake repair more readily available and convenient.

Many people push off brake repair services because, well, it’s expensive and annoying. You need to carve out a large amount of time of your day, take your car to a repair shop to get a quote, have your car held hostage while they complete your assessment, all to have your jaw drop when they say how much your brake repair is going to cost.

That was until Brakes To You Mobile Brake Repair.

Don’t just take it from us, here’s a few 5-Star reviews we received:

Mobile brake repair is considerably more convenient and affordable compared to dealerships and the big corporate brake shops. We don’t take on expensive, costly overhead like pricey rent, infrastructure costs, and inflated service representatives which they pass the additional costs on to you.

Instead of being pressure while you’re in a shop, you talk to a centralized service team to initially diagnose your issue then find a Brakes To You technician to come to you on your time.

Another bonus is that our technicians specialize in brake repair - so you’re getting someone awesome that has worked intimately with your brakes many times before.

2. What does mobile brake repair cost?

This is going to be your favorite part – we’re on average 40% less than brick and mortar brake shops and dealerships.

40% less… seriously.

Brakes To You Mobile Brake Repair typically costs between $145 - $650 depending on the services you need based on the health of your brake pads and rotors.

For example, just yesterday we received a call from woman stating the dealership was charging her $1,100 just to change her front brake pads and rotors on a BMW X3. THAT IS UPSURD – even for a luxury vehicle. What was her out the door costs from Brakes To You? Just shy of $500. That’s a savings of nearly $600. I’ll say that again, $600 dollars.

Now, there is certainly a time and a place for needing a shop. Any multi-day service would be recommended to be done in a mechanic’s shop. That would be transmission work, engine overhauls, etc.. Brakes To You appointments last between 45 – 90 minutes on average compared to the typical > 2+ hours you’d be spending waiting around in a brake shop.

3. How do I schedule mobile brake repair?

Get A Free Mobile Brake Quote

We’ve structured our company to provide you quotes in the easiest way possible. You can text or call us at 972-945-8092 or submit a brake repair quote and we can reach out to you.

You will be provided your quote before even scheduling your appointment. Our service team of brake specialists listen to the issues you’re having with your brakes and quote you for the brake services around those issues. No sticker shock. No waiting for hours. Just a transparent, flat-rate price without the wait.

Talk To Our Brake Specialists

Nearly all brake repairs can be diagnosed by the sounds and symptoms you’re experiencing. Hearing squeaking? Your brake pads are low. Feeling and hearing grinding? Your brake pads are worn away to the metal backing plate and scraping into the rotor(s). Vibration? Your rotors are warped from excessive heating and cooling.

We know no one wants to get their car repaired. We’re car owner too you know! Brakes are consumable materials made to eventually be replaced so don’t feel bad if you’re experiencing any of those symptoms.

You’re brake pads should typically last between 30k – 50k miles. This really depends on multiple factors like how you drive, what type of commuting you do, and what is the weather like in the area you live. If you’re in a most humid/moist area with lots of rain, we hate to tell you, but metal doesn’t like water. Luckily, we use painted hat rotors to minimize rusting. If you see a little rust after a rainy day, that should go away after a couple of brake stops (it’s just topical).

Find a Technician Around Your Schedule

After you receive your brake repair quote, we’ll schedule a brake specialist to come to you around your schedule. Brakes To You is the most convenient way to get your brakes replaced, hands down.

Want your brake serviced at your home or office? Great! We’re fully insured for commercial and residential property. Schedule a technician to service your brakes while you work. Why take time off to get your brakes done when you could have them serviced at work by one of our technicians?

Brakes To You services the major metros surround Dallas, Fort Worth, Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Nashville. If you’re a bit outside of our service area, there may be a service fee for the additional commute. We try to keep our service to a tight region, but we understand our customers may work a bit outside of it. Just chat with us to find out what is best for your situation.

The Day of Your Mobile Brake Repair

On the day of your appointment, you’ll receive an ETA text from your technician when he’s heading to your location. When he arrives, you’ll get a text or call to coordinate where to meet. Your technician can find you vehicle by the make and model + license plate. This way if you’re busy with a meeting, we can text the diagnosis to you.

Once the brake technician arrives at your vehicle, he’ll perform an on-site diagnosis to confirm the issue. This involves a full assessment of your brake system. He’ll remove each wheel, inspect the health of the pads, rotors, calipers and brake lines of each wheel, then provide you with his opinion. Read our articles on the 5 most common signs you need to replace your brake pads and brake rotors.

Feel free to sit with them and ask them questions. Our technicians love to educate their customers on how your brakes work along with any car talk. We’re car aficionados at heart. If you’re a car guy/girl and have more in-depth questions, test our knowledge!

After Your Mobile Brake Repair Is Complete

A good brake shop stands behind their work whether they are a mobile brake service or brick and mortar. That’s why hear at Brakes To You, we offer a 2 year / 24k mile warranty when you replace pads and rotors on an axle or a 3 month / 3k mile warranty when you just replace pads.

The last thing you want to experience is paying for brake repair just to be right back in the same spot you were before the repair. If a shop doesn’t warranty their work, take that into account when you’re selecting who to go to. Don’t get baited in by ‘cheap brake repair’ or something that sounds too good to be true. There is always a catch.

4. Mobile mechanics – Are they good?

Are our mobile mechanics good? No, they’re freaking great.

Don’t take our word for it though, take the 500+ customers that have left us 5-Star reviews. Here’s a couple reviews that stuck out to us:

We’re a startup company that is 100% privately owned which we believe has really helped us keep a small, intimate brake repair team. Our technicians are vetted not only for their skills and knowledge, but also their character and personality. We run background checks to make sure the mechanics we’re sending to you are those we would want to come to our homes.

Considering other shops? We get it. You should do you due diligence and feel comfortable with your decision. Make sure to not only read the good reviews but also the bad. All shops get unhappy clients, it kind of comes with the territory of any service company. But, with that being said, you should look at how that company responds to bad reviews. Here’s an example of an unhappy client and how we responded:

5. What vehicles can your mobile mechanics work on?

We work on nearly every single make and model out there. We service the everyday commuter vehicles like Honda, Toyota and Kia up to the premium luxury vehicles likes Maserati and Porsche. Our mobile brake specialists are equipped to handle electronic brakes that are found in the newer models as well.

Wondering if we work on your vehicle? Click here for a selection of makes and models we work on.

Your car is your baby and you want to vet your brake shop to make sure they are 1) able to work on it and 2) they have worked on it in the past.

Most brake systems are pretty standard but the foreign luxury vehicles have a few quirks to them. We’re not sure if it’s to limit the playing field of who could work on them, but many German manufacturers make one of a kind tools needed to remove and replace your brakes components. All of our brake technicians are given all the tools necessary to take care of your vehicle regardless of the manufacturer.

We do service some RV’s depending on the Class. Typically class A & B are out of our wheel house do to the weight and limited amount of parts available for them. If you’re wondering if we can service your RV, let us know the make and model it’s built on and send us a picture of the vehicle.

Have a fleet of vehicles? We offer special fleet maintenance pricing for fleets with five vehicles and up. We work on landscaping trucks, Porta Potty companies, car rental agencies, and many more. Reach out to us here to get in touch.

6. What Parts Does Brakes To You Use

Brake Manufacturers

We use OE (original equipment) quality parts. Our house product is created by Carquest, Advance Auto’s parts manufacturer. After the patent runs out on your vehicle’s brakes, typically 2 years after it was released, they are able to recreate the same quality pads and rotors that were originally on your vehicle out of the factory.

Want OEM parts or premium parts like Brembo or PowerStop? No worries! We can provide or install customer parts as well. Just a heads up, if we come out to and appointment and they are wrong, you may be charged a service fee. Always double check by using your VIN and sometimes License Plate number when ordering you parts. That information will bring up all the relevant sub-model information, but even sometimes you’ll need to answer a few other questions.

Types of Brake Pad Materials

We typically use ceramic brake pads for everyday vehicles. They are the most reliable in terms of quietness and limited brake dust. For high performance vehicles, you may need a higher-grade ceramic brake pad if you want maximal performance.

Some makes and models use semi-metallic pads. They certainly last longer do to the material but that comes with louder noise when braking. A lot of German vehicles use this stock on their vehicles like BMW and Mercedes-Benz. Most customers prefer to ride quieter with the ceramics after their initial brake service.

Large trucks (3/4 ton and above) are advised to use semi-metallic especially if they are towing heavy materials. The heavier the vehicle, the more work the brake pads are going to have to do to slow it down. You want to make sure they can handle the heat when pushed to extreme conditions.

In conclusion

Mobile brake repair is an awesome option. It answers a lot of the pain points associated with traditional brick and mortar brake shops. It’s more affordable, a million times more convenient, and without a doubt a better experience end to end.

Brakes To You is a great service for mobile brake repair. Get a free brake repair quote now from a member of our service team. We’ll diagnose you issue over the phone, provide you a quote, and schedule your service with a technician around your schedule.

Want to learn more about us? Here’s a couple ways to do that. You can check us out on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn. Alternatively, you can read about How We Work or look through this interview with Voyage Dallas.


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